8x7 Magnet Cards

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Steel dies aren't the easiest craft supplies to store and keep safe. They end up unorganized in your drawers or the pieces from your sets become misplaced. And your large dies can even get bend or damaged if they're not stored properly. This is why the Stamp-n-Storage Magnet Cards were designed just for you!

They are made from strong magnet material and laminated to sturdy chipboard. 

NOTE:  8x7 Magnet Cards will NOT fit in Wafer Die Totes that have a cover or the Small Wafer Die Tote due to weight (they will tip over). They WILL fit in the Medium or Large Wafer Die Totes that do not have a cover.

8x7 Magnet Card - Actual size - 8" x 6-3/4"

Also included is a set of self-adhesive labels for identifying the dies stored on each card. 

The thickness of the Magnet Card (without a die) is 1/16"



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Kathy 01 22 2017

Just what I needed for my larger dies

I actually suggested a larger magnet card on one of my previous orders and they told me these were new and being added to the website. I have a large collection of dies (filled most of two large die holders) and a few of them don't fit on the 6"x7" cards. I kind of wish I had started with these so all my cards would be the same side, but that's just my OCD talking :)

Anna Marie Medeiros 01 17 2017

Why did I wait so long

Why did I wait so long to get these. They are perfect for keeping my thinlits and dies in place. I never feel like I will lose one because they stick so well to the magnet card. Now I can see what I have in seconds.

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