We are driven by core principles and beliefs.

Customer Happiness - Our goal is to get it right the first time.  If you're not satisfied we will do whatever it takes so you are happy and enthusiastic to do business with us again in the future.

Attention to Detail - We realize these products will be right in front of you for years.  We’ll take the time to make sure it’s right so you’re focused on your hobby, not flaws in our cabinets.

Stewardship - Make the most of all resources associated with our products.  This includes everything from designing them to efficiently use your limited space to minimizing scrap wood when cutting.  (We even package up much of our wood waste products for people in our community to use.)

Safety - Power tools are a critical part of manufacturing our products.  Our employees treat them with great respect and care so they can always count to ten at the end of each day.  If something’s worth getting done, it’s worth getting done safely.


Founded by a Christian

Seeing this business grow has been wonderful, and we see each order as a blessing!  I am a firm believer in the Bible and what it says about the nature of man and of God.  

Consider this question:  Are you a good person?

We always hear about people being basically good by nature. But it's critical to understand that we are not good when we compare ourselves to God’s standard (like the Ten Commandments). After we die we will need to answer to the Perfect Judge for our sinful thoughts, words and deeds.  God has provided a way for us to be seen as good through repenting of our sins and putting faith in Jesus Christ.

Recognizing this Good News resolves the biggest problem we’ll ever face:  Where will we spend eternity?

Stamp-n-Storage is pleased to include materials that explain this message clearly in our shipments.


We trust your experience with Stamp-n-Storage will be fantastic!

Brett Haugen