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Full-Set Marker Holder

Do you love to color? And by color we mean Copics® are a passion of yours. You can now organize and store the complete collection of Copics® Markers in the Full-Set Holder. Each slot keeps your markers flat and can hold up to 4, that's...
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Marker Holder for Stampin Blends

$57.75 - $59.75
Our Stampin' Blends storage holders are perfect for the paper crafter who is tired of digging through drawers, totes or boxes for their markers. Instead you can display them beautifully in front of you in your work area.The Stampin' Blends Storage...

Marker Nook

$49.75 - $52.75
Are you sick of digging around your drawers for your favorite markers? An angled marker storage shelf and five sizable compartments lets you easily store any marker. This marker storage shelf is the best option for the new style of Spectrum...

Side-by-Side Marker Holder

$54.75 - $57.75
You won't have to dig through drawers anymore to find your favorite markers! There's plenty of space in the horizontal marker storage compartments and you'll always be able to see where the markers belong when you put them back. You can also...

Stacked Marker Holder

$54.75 - $57.75
Do your markers need a better home? The shelves of this Marker Holder are at a slight angle so that the markers are facing up towards you. Each marker storage unit compartment can hold three or four markers depending on their sizes. You can also...