Maybe you really like the Stamp-n-Storage products, but you can't find what you're really looking for to organize your craft room. We can help! Please contact us and we'll do some brainstorming with you to come up with a storage solution. 

Great requests from people like you are what help us shape our product line. We’d love to hear about your specific situation and we'll develop a product just for you!

Here are some recent examples of custom products we have built.

Three-Tier 12×12 Paper Holder – Second Version

The original was built with the bottom section open for a basket that would be used for scraps and other miscellaneous items. A customer liked that design, but wanted all three sections with dividers.



42 Ink Pad Holder

The customer requested that we build an Ink Pad Holder that would match the width of her 60 Combo Holder and fit the height of the space she had available. We built her a 42 Ink Pad Holder. It has seven columns of ink pad storage and is the same height as our 24 Ink Pad Holder and 30 Ink Pad Holder.



Three-Tier 12×12 Paper Holder – First Version

The customer requested that we build a product similar to our 12×12 Paper Holder, but she wanted it to come pre-stacked and with an open space at the bottom so she could store a basket!


Washi Tape Holder

The customer wanted a storage unit for her Washi tape collection. Who would have known that this design would turn into one of our products! The tape is threaded under the dowel. When pulled, it can either be cut with a scissors or torn by pulling it back against the bottom edge of the shelf. She was thrilled to finally get her washi tape out of a Ziploc bag and beautifully displayed in her craft room work area!



 As we mentioned before, if you have any great requests for customized pieces, be sure to contact us by email or call 844-239-0227.