Plan for the future of your craftroom and hear what the studio owners would possibly change about theirs.

Episode Synopsis

Episode 11 marks the release of our last regular Crafted Spaces episode. We hope that you've been enjoying this series! Three Crafted Spaces Studio Tour episodes will be shared with you at the end of August. You'll get a close-up view to see how Keisha, Mackenzie, and Mary have their Crafted Spaces organized and decorated.  Keep watching for more updates on these three tours!

Sometimes a crafter's interests change over the years and it's smart to plan ahead. If you think about these rearranging room ideas for your craft space now, it could save you some regret later.

It's important to build in storage for today, but to also be flexible for redesigning your room for the future. You want to be able to use the space you've designed for a long time. Think "How will I use this space in the next 5-10 years?" Once you think about this, you can consider whether or not you'd plan on expanding your craft room based on your interest in your crafting hobby. It's necessary to ensure that you have a grasp on all of the supplies you own now, and what you may think that you'll need in the future. Make sure to share those needs with the contractor so that they can carefully help you plan for the space that will house all of your crafting.

In the case that you are redesigning your room in the future, you must be flexible with the type of dividers you have to organize your space. This refers to baskets, bins, shelves and dividers. Let your system change with you.

If you're like Mary Fish, who likes permanent cabinets, she decided she wanted to have built-in storage and she keeps some of them empty. Not all of your spaces have to be filled! What a good reminder.

So, what happens if you move or if you change your space for something other than paper crafting? This is something to think about as you're planning the investment in your craft space. Mackenzie shared that nothing is permanent in her craft room in case she decides to change up how she crafts in the future. This way, she has the freedom to make it a quilting room or for some other type of creative outlet she may choose. She also thought ahead for how potential future homeowners would work in this space and could take advantage of the room if they were not paper crafters. How thoughtful!

Also, the three studio owners reflected on what they would possibly change in their craft rooms after they initially designed them or what lessons they learned. Mary Fish said that she would allow for a separate crafting space for when she has friends that come over to craft with her. Although she loves to craft on her own, she mentioned that having a little more space to craft when sharing the room would be helpful. Keisha said she would have liked to have listen to the contractors and suppliers a little more carefully. Sometimes designers see things that a crafter might not see about the function of their space. The contractors said it is important to leave room for tweaks and also for considering changes to make in the future.

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