You've got a LOT of craft supplies.  As you're planning your new space, it's really important to think about where it will all go.

Episode Synopsis

Crafters want to have their supplies at their fingertips. Where are yours? Are they stashed away in a drawer or available within your line of vision?

After you have created an inventory of which supplies you own, as well as other studio items, you need to know how much space you'll need and where to store your craft supplies.

Plan, measure, and plan again is the advice from Mary Fish. It's necessary to know what sized modules you want to have in your space because that would created wasted space. 

Consider where to store your craft supplies. Do you want it on your desktop, in drawers, on shelves, or in cabinets? Put together a "road map" of your craft room so that there will be a space for everything. This way you'll have all of your supplies ready to go and can avoid as much craft room clutter and chaos as much possible.

Mackenzie wanted to have drawers and cabinets in her studio. She has the ability to open her cabinets and see her supplies organized by theme. In her long drawers she has everything at her fingertips. She is able to see all that she owns which helps her pick out the best items for her projects. If they were all together and organized, Mackenzie feels that she would not enjoy her craft time as much.

Mary Fish wanted a great spot for everything. By designating certain areas for certain items, she feels the most organized. 

Stamp-n-Storage has products that will work wonderfully for craft studio storage. Keisha had looked for ages to find pieces that would work for her, and she had an "ah-ha!" moment when she discovered Stamp-n-Storage! Mackenzie found Stamp-n-Storage products by looking on Instagram. She saw that other crafters had posted photos of their organized craft rooms with the Stamp-n-Storage products and she knew that would be the perfect solution for her to incorporate into her space!

Stamp-n-Storage was able to work with the studio owners and their designers to custom fit their products into the craft rooms. 

Mackenzie said that it used to be really hard for her to find the perfect craft storage products, such as baskets and containers, and after finding Stamp-n-Storage, she was finally able to feel really organized. 

Her goal with her new studio space was to stay organized and keep it that way. As a crafter it is easy to take out your tools and supplies and not put them away, however, Mackenzie has made it a goal to stay organized and has been successful thanks to her new craft room storage solutions through Stamp-n-Storage.

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