About Mackenzie Fuchs

Mackenzie Fuchs is from Kimball, Minnesota. She is a wife, new mother, student studying social work, and writer for her blog Do All Things. Mackenzie started crafting a couple of years ago when she had her first child. When she found out that she was going to become a mother, Mackenzie knew that she wanted to spend more time making heirlooms for the baby.

Mackenzie and her husband decided that they should dedicate a space in their home specifically for her crafting since her hobby was becoming more of her daily routine. She's very happy with her renovated space! When she's not spending time with her daughter, Mackenzie loves to create colorful cards and other projects in her studio.

Q&A with Mackenzie

1. What is your favorite type of paper crafting project to make? (Ex. cards, scrapbooking, home decor)

It is so satisfying to start and finish something in one sitting—so that’s why I really love making cards. It’s unlike other crafting projects in this way!

2. What year did you start paper crafting as a hobby?


3. What's the one craft product you can't live without?

VersaMark ink! I love the subtle dimension it adds when used alone on colored card stock. I think I use it on almost every card I make!

4. What are you passionate about personally? What do you really enjoy?

Volunteering and philanthropy energize my mind and spirit--I truly get the most joy from helping others. 

5. Describe your studio in three words: 

Happy little place.

6. What is the best reaction you have ever heard from a visitor to your craft studio?

I think the best reactions are those that validate the goal I had to keep it a multi-use space. I like when people are surprised at how well I can ‘hide’ or showcase what I have!

7. What other paper crafters have inspired you over the years?

I mainly follow other stampers on Instagram so I only know them by their usernames! A few I particularly enjoy are; Schalking, lakeshorestamping, pinkbuckaroo, and all of the Artisan Design Team Members!

8. How would you describe your project design style? (Vintage, eclectic, clean & simple, etc.)

I can’t really pin down one style. I think it really depends on what I’m inspired by.

9. What is your favorite color?


10. What other hobbies do you have?

Sewing, quilting, running (it’s a love/hate relationship), and snowboarding.

11. Can you settle the intense internet debate:  Should paper be stored vertical or horizontal?

I prefer to store my paper horizontal ::smile::

12. What was the best part of the Stamp-n-Storage visit to your studio?

I was thrilled to see the cameras and lights in my space—and being mic’d up was pretty cool, too!

Behind the scenes of Mackenzie's Crafted Space:

Here's an exclusive look inside of Mackenzie's studio! We'll start with a before photo and share how her space looks now.

Above is how Mackenzie's old studio used to look. The space was dark and she didn't have great storage for all of her supplies. It felt crowded!

Here's how her studio looks today! There's a place for everything and the space is very well-lit!

Here's Mackenzie's Side-By-Side Marker Holder. She keeps them out on her work space because she accesses them frequently.

Next, we see her typewriter that she uses a lot in her Project Life™ projects. She prefers to type on her Project Life™ cards rather than hand write on them.

What a unique addition to her scrapbooks!

Above, we see her Pocket Scrapbook Holder that keeps her Project Life cards organized.

This cupboard is where she stores her punches in her Lock-Down Punch Holder, her Magnet Cards in her Wafer Die Tote, the Embossing Folder Tote, and her Sizzix Dies on her Die Shelf.

This is one of Mackenzie's favorite parts of her craft room. She keeps all of her paper in this cupboard with the slotted Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holders inside.

In the cupboard above her Project Life™ Pocket Holder storage, Mackenzie keeps her markers, ink pads, and re-inker bottles together in a 60 Combo Holder.

On the top two shelves, she has her stamp sets organized by different celebrations, sayings, and graphics. It makes it really easy for her to find just the set she is looking for!

It's always a treat for Mackenize to open up this cupboard and see her ribbon stored so beautifully in this Ribbon Shelf! She loves the gorgeous colors.

On the shelf above, she has space for more stamp sets and has a catch-all for other miscellaneous stamps. Look at the wire basket in the top right corner. Can you spot the stamp that says Mackenzie?

This is Mackenzie's favorite craft storage drawer. It holds her embellishments. She has everything labeled from her wood embellshments, dobbers, paper clips, brads, sequins, embossing gun and powder. This looks so organized!

Here's Mackenzie working at her center table where she enjoys spending her free time making her paper crafting projects. Make sure to watch her Crafted Spaces studio tour video to hear more from her!