About Keisha Charles

Keisha Charles is from a suburb near Atlanta, Georgia, and owns a paper crafting business called The Papermint. She started to become more serious about her card making hobby in 2006 when she was crafting mostly for her friends and family. Her love for card making especially grew (which made the space in her former craft room shrink) and this expanded into a small business reflecting her crafting efforts (and a much needed expansion of her studio).

Keisha loves to make cards for all of life's special celebrations, including weddings, birthday parties, and baby announcements. Her desire is to share her craft with other people and believes that beautiful paper should be used to celebrate life's special moments.

Q&A with Keisha

1. What is your favorite type of paper crafting project to make? (Ex. cards, scrapbooking, home decor)
Scrapbooking, mini-albums and cards.
2. What year did you start paper crafting as a hobby?
3. What's the one craft product you can't live without?
Barring the obvious scissors and paper, it would be stamps and ink.
4. What are you passionate about personally? What do you really enjoy?
Crafting - paper, be it plain, patterned, textured, smooth, I loved paper long before I truly started crafting.
Personal - This takes a little explaining... Thinking back, crafting has been part of my family life since I was a girl. I come from a line of women who are talented, in sewing, knitting, crochet, painting etc.  Even the men in my family were good with their hands. For example, my grandpa was a carpenter by trade, my uncle is a mechanic. Family and crafting are synonymous to me.  Travel is a passion that I share with my husband.  I have always been curious about far away places and there is nothing better than sharing the experiences of a new place with someone you love and creating a memory.  I capture those memories through photography and share them in scrapbooks or photo journals. 
5. Describe your studio in three words:
Cheerful, colorful, craft space
6. What is the best reaction you have ever heard from a visitor to your craft studio?
7. What other paper crafters have inspired you over the years?
Anna Griffin, the Stampin Up family of crafters, a legion generous individuals on YouTube who share their talents each day. 
8. How would you describe your project design style? (Vintage, eclectic, clean & simple, etc.)
I play on both ends of the spectrum: 1) decadent and detailed 2) streamlined and striking
9. What is your favorite color?
They're all my favorite color...that's the problem. 
10. What other hobbies do you have?
Photography, cooking and gardening. 
11. Can you settle the intense internet debate:  Should paper be stored vertical or horizontal?
I have had more success storing paper horizontally. But I am always open to a good solution if someone can share a better way. 
12. What was the best part of the Stamp-n-Storage visit to your studio?  
Seeing the response of the Stamp-n-Storage team to the role their products played in making the studio a functional, beautiful space. They are probably the only one who had as much excitement about the end product as I did.

Behind the Scenes - Keisha's Crafted Space

Here's an exclusive look at Keisha's beautiful and colorful craft studio. We're so excited to share this episode with you all! There is so much to see in this extremely organized and fun-filled craft room. Take a peek at some close up photos of her space.

We'll start here with 2 "before" photos of the space she used to craft in everyday.



Yes, things have changed a lot for Keisha! Take a look at this next picture where we see the "after"!


Keisha's space is so pretty! The colorful room is very inspiring.


This is Keisha's crafting spot!


Here is where Keisha can have students and others work in her studio too!


There's also a space for her to work on her computer or watch Netflix while she crafts.


Here's another view of where her TV is in the corner.


The pretty paper wall! We love it. (Look at all of those Paper Holders!)


Here she stores more 12x12 paper. They are in Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holders.


Look at all that ribbon she has on the Stamp-n-Storage customized Ribbon Shelves!


Keisha has all of her punches all lined up! So organized.


These drawers look like they are filled with fun! They hold flower embellishments.


Keisha has some Stamp-n-Storage Magnet Cards in her room too.


Here is the whole crew who helped Keisha build the craft room of her dreams! Even our founder, Brett Haugen, is in the middle. Job well done, all!