See how the right color and other design elements can enhance your studio space.

Episode Synopsis

Planning the look of the studio is a way to stylishly personalize your craft space. You have to choose what you want on display and what you want to have hidden away. A crafter has to ask themselves if they are visual so they can see their stuff, or if they want to put it behind doors and be hidden. Aesthetically, if you hide something behind the door you have to open it and this creates another step.

Things like scissors and tape should be in a drawer, but craft supplies should be within reach. Daily touch items (those you use everyday) should be quick to find; opening more doors and drawers is a nuisance and slows you down. Things that are used mostly during seasonal times could be in a closet or behind doors and put away.

When setting up a craft room, you want things that will inspire you to make crafts and add to your projects out in the open. When you visually connect with a product that you own, it should inspire you more. Keisha says, "A pretty room is an inviting room". The Stamp-n-Storage products are accommodating in this way. When everything is in its place it can be much more enjoyable to spend time doing your favorite hobby.

The fun part of setting up a craft room is planning the look of the studio. This can be anything from choosing the cabinet style, paint colors, hardware, trim, fabrics, and more! The color choice for the room is a very personal decision. It can be helpful to have a designer assist you when figuring out how you want to incorporate this into the room. Usually, you start by deciding what some of your favorite colors are and figuring out how to incorporate them into the room by basing it on a theme of certain craft studio design elements throughout the space. In the end you want to have the space allow you to foster the most creativity. Color choice also has an impact on how the room functions. Bringing more light into the space is very important so that everything looks brighter when you're working in your studio. With the crafting products out on display, they can be great color accents as well! Counter tops, cabinetry, and even chairs create an impact on the room based on their style and functionality. All of these studio design elements add to the personality of a studio.

Even selecting your hardware has significance when you're choosing them for the room. Drawer pulls and knobs should be chosen based upon their function and appearance. Having nice looking hardware pieces is great, but having them function well is what's most important. The addition of handles on the cabinetry are comparable to adding jewelry to the outfit you wear. They are like an accessory to your studio. For countertops you should use materials that are easy to clean and repair. It's all about creating a great finish and style to your craft room.

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