Many of your craft room dreams can be come a reality.  Let's start working through the details.

Episode Synopsis

Can you turn your craft room dreams to reality? Yes! You can! This is the fun part because it's when things start to take shape.

When choosing how to design her space, Keisha started with a designer who helped her see how to organize the room. Some features in a space help dictate the usage of the room.  For example, where cabinetry and shelving can be. In Keisha's room, a place where she could store the most was near her door. The large wall of paper is right behind her. This craft room layout idea makes it easy for her to access what she uses the most.

Pre-planning your work space includes deciding on the height of the counter-top and shelves. Since Mackenzie's craft room also functions as a room for entertaining, she thought through the placement of her table so that her friends wouldn't hit their knees on the cabinetry, as well as feel comfortable when paper crafting together.

For a multi-use studio, it is important to integrate a creative space and work space. This is something that Mary worked on as she designed her craft room. She even has great placement for her waste bin storage so she can just "whoosh” away the trash when she's done crafting.

With so many details it may seem like a craft room will never be organized. However, with a lot of planning and prep you can turn your dream crafting room designs into reality. 

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