Step back from your clutter and craft room frustration and DREAM! What would you love to have in your space?

Episode Synopsis

What will your ideal dream craft studio look like? There are many great sources of information and craft room design ideas available.

Mackenzie Fuchs suggests that a crafter should step back and dream about what their  craft room might look like. Color and theme are important for some crafters when they want to organize.

Keisha found inspiration for her dream craft studio from other crafters on Pinterest, and Houzz. Mackenzie got some of her craft studio ideas by using Instagram and searching for hashtags such as #CraftRoom or #CraftSpace. The results were very helpful for her when she was planning for her space.

Once a list of craft room design ideas is pulled together, it becomes necessary to work with a design team. As a crafter, you need to have recommendations from professionals for other ways to use the space. 

The designers want to know what to bring into the space to make it the most functional for the crafter. They need to know what will be done there the most. Designers should meet the studio owner and discuss lighting, electrical outlets, finishes, and other broad ideas. Keisha's designer even took a class with her so that she could not only understand Keisha's hobby, but her business as well.  

Many crafters enjoy watching TV shows or listening to music while making their paper projects, so plan for those activities accordingly. Design a room for multiple occupants or multiple uses is very important to some. For example, Mary Fish's craft room can also be used for a bedroom (with a fold out bed) and a computer area for her business. Her space is still very compartmentalized, but she is able to do so much in just one room of her home. Everything in the space flows together very well.  

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