Episode Synopsis

It's time to start getting to work on improving your craft area organization! These ladies have some great decluttering and organizing tips for you that you can use right now.

Maybe you're not able to fully renovate your studio...maybe it's best if you make use of space you already have.

Mackenzie Fuchs says that to improve your space you need to dream about what your ideal craft room would look like. For her, she wanted her paper to be organized by color and her stamps to be arranged by theme. Once she made lists of what she had and where she wanted to put it, she figured out what she could implement into her dream craft room.

Clutter is a creativity killer and it gets in the way of productive crafting. When that is too overwheming, the enjoyment of crafting is lost. Crafters should know their craft room "stash" so that they know what they have. Take out all that you own, see what you have, get rid of what is no longer useful, and then only put back the items that you'll make use of again. There is no longer any reason to hang onto what is not being used.

Some of us are not good at getting rid of supplies that we have because we feel attached to them. It's a good idea to sell, give away, or throw away the items that are in your craft space that you don't like anymore. One of the designers suggested that if a crafter has two different tools that they own but they don't use one at all, then it is important to get rid of that unused item.

A good rule of thumb is to "keep it simple" for the organization of a craft room. This helps keep the surrounding areas as uncluttered as possible. Organize what you are using so that everything has its own place and is used. Some organizational tools to use are various products from Stamp-n-Storage and help craft rooms become more functional.

Good tips for decluttering and organizing your craft room include knowing where things are and putting them back when you're done with them. As Mary Fish says, "Stamp like a firefighter!" She likes to have all of her craft items ready to go and within an arms reach. When she's organized, she feels like a firefighter...always ready to go!

With these tips from the studio owners and designers it's easy to see how important it is to stay organized by getting rid of unwanted clutter first. It really does make a difference!

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