This is a big project that most can't do on their own.  How do you find the right people to make it all happen?


Episode Synopsis

Meet the amazing cabinetry designers and architect that worked behind the scenes to create these studios and learn how to build your own dream team to create a craft room in your home.

There's a lot that goes into putting together a design team to help you make your dream studio a reality.

Keisha and Mary each had others help them build their craft rooms. In this episode, those designers share some great tips on where to start.

Someone who is trying to put together a new craft room needs a team to collaborate with. As architect Nerissa says, "Hire the right people to do the right jobs so that you'll have a good end product.” It's helpful to get recommendations from professionals even if you try to make better use of the space you have.

In a craft space you need a lot of storage. If you hire someone who specializes in cabinetry work, then you have a clear process as you develop the project. Although the planning is a very personal thing, it is very helpful to have someone work with you to see what is needed and make the space even more functional. You never know what you might miss while planning!

It is important to interview the designers to see if they are able to do the work you want. Another main thing is to have the designers interview the crafter. This way you hear one another well and are able to bring to life the ideas in an even clearer way. It's all about getting the needs across to the designer so they can pull together the ideas to create a craft room in your home.

For someone creating a craft room in a new home or in an existing home, it is good to bring a licensed contractor to do a high quality job. Then you'll have a clear understanding of what the end product will be.

Most of all, it's a smart idea to ask for help when coming up with plans for your craft room. In order to find someone to help you, the National Association of Professional Organizers, Houzz, or Angie's List are reputable places to look for closet and cabinetry companies to help you.

Keisha's studio benefited from the help of her long-time friend and registered architect Nerissa Jemmotte, and also from Vicky and Rachel of Artisan Custom Closets.

Mary Fish has now built two studios working with Carol Bradley of Interior Innovations.


Vicky Remole (left)
Senior Sales manager

Rachel Barich(right)
Director of Engineering

Artisan Custom Closets
Marietta, GA



Carol Bradley
Certified Kitchen Deisgner

Interior Innovations
Tuscon, AZ


There are lots of great resources available to help you assemble your own craft room dream team:




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