Hear the stories and learn what inspired Mackenzie, Mary and Keisha to create a better crafting work area.

Episode Synopsis

Meet Keisha, Mary and Mackenzie.  Learn how they got started in crafting and why they needed to create their studios.

Mary Fish is the first to be interviewed. She started crafting in 2007 and considers herself new to crafting. Her main outlet is paper crafting which she discovered after she attended a Stampin' Up party with her sister.

Mackenzie Fuchs is a new mom who started getting into paper crafting when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. She knew that she would want to start making heirlooms for her daughter.  She is also a full-time student but loves to craft in her free time.

Keisha Charles loves to share her crafts with other people. She started making cards and other paper craft projects. The great feedback she received and requests for special projects led her to create her own small business, The Papermint.

All of these ladies needed to expand their smaller studios into larger spaces. Their love of paper crafting grew so much that there was definitely a reason for them to make the changes in their homes. They all had tried to make the most out of their first stamping spaces by trying to keep their supplies as organized as possible.

At one point, Keisha even had stopped paper crafting because her supplies were bleeding into other rooms and it made her feel like she couldn't breathe. However, there is something rewarding about making things with your own hands and Keisha chose to make a new craft space for her that is ergonomic and functional.

In their new creative spaces, these ladies are able to make the rooms their own and be an outlet of their love for paper crafting, as well as be an expression of their personalities.


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