Whale-Tail Punch Holder

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Does your punch collection include lever style punches? Well, we've got a craft storage solution for you! The Whale-Tail Punch Holder has space for 18 large, 9 medium, and 12 small punches. The horizontal dividers are all removable (except for the glued-in center divider). This will give you additional punch and accessory storage options.

You'll even be able to add the provided Spacers to prevent your smaller punches from getting pushed too far back. This product has the option of being wall-mounted too!

We’ve also designed a Whale-Tail Punch Holder that will perfectly fit inside of the square IKEA® Kallax shelving openings like a hand in a glove!

If you’re looking for additional storage options that fit Marvy®, Martha Stewart Crafts®, and other types of punches, check out our Shelf units.


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Carolyn LaCombe 01 19 2017

Whale Tail Punch Holder

Love love love this product...holds all my punches nicely so I do not have to search through a drawer for them...Helps organize immensely

Betty Whitehurst 01 14 2017


For years, I have had my variety of punches in a pile on the floor under my desk. Well this nifty shelf solved ALL of my problems. They are now nicely display because this shelf can accommodate the whale tails, the ones that are flat, AND has Smaller slots for those little punches. It is made SO well and is so sturdy. I love this company. Thank you so much!

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