Wafer Die Storage

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We understand how you can never own too many wafer dies. The big question is this, how do you keep yours organized?

Your wafer dies and snap envelopes will fit right inside of our Wafer Die Totes which are available in 3 sizes. You’ll love the Tote’s angled back because it makes it much easier for you to flip through your die collection.

Great news! You can also store larger embossing folders (such as 6x6 from Stampin' Up!®) in our Wafer Die Totes. 


If you want to make sure that dust stays off your wafer dies, order your Tote with a cover! (Medium and Large sizes only.) This makes stacking the Totes possible, too!

Also, you’ll want to see just how great our Magnet Cards will store your dies!

How many will fit inside?

Small - 30 Magnet Cards or 10 envelopes

Medium - 60 Magnet Cards or 20 envelopes

Large - 120 Magnet Cards or 40 envelopes


Wondering what size this product is? Click the heading that says Dimensions for images and more information.



Reviews (263)

Jo Hall 05 17 2017

Wafer die storage

I have the storage box with lid. Love it. It is Heavy,Sturdy and made very well. Love love love the magnetic sheets to hold dies too

A 05 16 2017

Wafer Storage and Magnet Cards

The company was very responsive to me.. I had ordered 2 sets of magnet cards and only received one set. They sent out the other set right away and I didn't have to wait long at all to receive it. I think I got it in a few days. That was excellent customer service. The first set was great (though I admit I have not transferred all my dies to them yet as I am currently using a different storage method which I have grown quite accustomed to and love..) The second set was not as good. The cardboard was just a LITTLE bit separated on the top of several cards and the cardboard needed to be pulled off like it had been freshly cut and some of the cardboard was still attached to the edge. It's hard to explain. Overall, still functional. I didn't want to bother the company with it because it is not that big of a deal and I don't believe it will interfere with the functionality at all.

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Additional Info

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