Washi Tape Holder

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Crafters love collecting many types of washi decorative tape! Are you looking for a convenient way to store yours? If you're tired of rummaging through a jar or drawer to find the right roll, the Stamp-n-Storage Washi Tape Holder will provide you with nearly four feet of shelf space so that you can keep yours right at your fingertips. This product has the option of being wall-mounted too! 

It's simple! Just thread your washi tape under the dowel, press it against the front edge of the shelf, and when you use it, you can quickly remove the roll from the holder. Or, another option is to pull out the end of your preferred color and cut it with a scissors for a smooth edge. You can also tear it off against the bottom of the shelf for a rough edge. We've even added a space below the bottom shelf where you can have a bonus storage area for your small items.

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Stamp-n-Storage products are handcrafted in Minnesota and made of Baltic Birch plywood. Products are delivered to you pre-assembled, sanded smooth and display ready!


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Julia Wright 10 01 2017

The Perfect Washi Tape Holder!

I have lots of washi tapes, but could never get them organized. I just bought the Washi Tape Holder, and it securely holds all my washi tape rolls- and fits on top of my Stamp Case Shelf in our hallway. It is well made and a nice piece of furniture for my home.

Karen Koepsell 09 15 2017

Washi Tape Holder

Beautiful, Solid, Does what I need..... Hold so many rolls of tape.... I bought two and love them.......

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Washi Tape Holder
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