You love your Big Shot dies!

We had a great response to our survey about a very popular tool:  Bigz dies.  THANK YOU for participating - your input has helped us develop another great product:  the Die Shelf.

Some of you may be data geeks like us and we thought you'd like to see the results.  

One of the questions was, "What do you think about your current method for storing Bigz dies?".  Over 60% of you selected the "I wish that they were better organized and easier to find" option, so we knew we had to do something!  

The big question was ... what should we do?  That's where the other questions came in handy.

Of those that responded, here's how your collections look:


 - The Standard Bigz Dies

Conclusion:  Lots of people have lots of the smaller dies!


 - The Bigz L Dies

Conclusion:  Quite a few people who have the smaller Bigz dies don't have any Bigz L dies, and most of those who have Bigz L dies have small collections (1-10 dies).  There are some bigger collections out there, though!


 - The Bigz XL Dies

Conclusion:  Like the Bigz L dies, your collection of these dies are smaller, but some of you have quite a few of them!


So ... what did we come up with?  Read this blog post to learn more about the all new Die Shelf!