The all new Die Shelf!

We asked for your input (see our Bigz Die Survey Results) and we've responded with a brand new product - the Die Shelf.  You all love your Big Shot Bigz dies, and over 60% of you wanted a better way to store them.  Here you go!

The small Die Shelf is designed just for standard size Bigz dies.  There's five shelves that hold three dies each with the label facing out (of course!).  Less than 7" wide, this cabinet is space efficient and the dies are easy to remove and put back.

(Small Die Shelf)

The medium Die Shelf can store both Bigz and Bigz L dies. The cabinet is wide enough for a single Bigz L die or fit two Bigz dies side-by-side.  You can store up to 15 Bigz L dies or 30 Bigz dies in this space efficient shelf!

(Medium Die Shelf)

The large Die Shelf is VERY versatile, providing space for all three of the Bigz die sizes:  Bigz, Bigz L and Bigz XL.  

There's room for:

15 Bigz XL dies

- or -

15 Bigz L AND 15 Bigz dies (they can sit side-by-side on a shelf)

- or -

45 Bigz dies (three Bigz dies can fit side-by-side-by-side on a shelf)

(Large Die Shelf)

So how big is your collection?  Which Die Shelf is right for you?