Stamp-n-Storage Studio Designer

We had plenty of calls from people just like you looking for help to organize their craft rooms.  We decided it would be great to provide a tool that would allow you to explore Stamp-n-Storage products and build your own dream studio right on our website.

It's the Stamp-n-Storage Studio Designer!  You can define the size and color of your wall and everything you need to get organized.

On the page linked above you'll find a helpful tutorial tutorial video and a link to the Studio Designer application.

A few key things to note (consider these to be helpful hints):

- You're able to design how your entire wall can be laid out, including desks, doors and windows.  So when it asks for the dimensions be sure to give the full size of your wall, floor-to-ceiling and edge-to-edge.

- Watch the video and follow the step-by-step tutorial provided in the application to become familiar with how things work.

- You can save your design and come back to it later.  (This is saved locally on your computer, so you'll have to open it on the same computer)

- Your design can be printed along with a product list so you can shop on the website or share it as a gift list

- The designer only works on desktop/laptop PCs. It's not compatible with smart phones or tablets.  

Most of all - have fun!  Move the pieces around, stack things up, see what fits and figure out what will work for you!