Ink Pad Storage - Survey Results

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in our Ink Pad Survey last month!  We've enjoyed reviewing the results, and there were two main things we spent time reviewing:

1 - The write-in results for other ink pads

2 - The mix and total number of ink pads people have

All of your comments in the write-in question were very helpful, and we've spent time reviewing all of them to find the most popular ink pads people are using.

The time you took to count your different ink pads and respond to the other questions was also very helpful!  Each of the questions were revealing, and we thought you'd like to see this chart, showing how many ink pads people have.  In short:  A LOT!  But that's probably not surprising to you.

What did we do with this data?  There were two big changes to our product line:

  1. We used it to help us design brand new Ink Pad Holders!  
  2. We re-branded what we used to call the Distress Ink Pad Holder to now be the Petite Ink Pad Holder.  Although it was designed for the Distress Ink pads, it also holds the Paper Trey and Marvy Ink Pads.